The Best 2 Years

     There are a lot of little milestones and “checkpoints” you pass on a mission, but on Saturday I reached one of the most recognizable milestones of my mission. Exactly two years ago, on July 23rd, 2014, I entered the MTC and began my missionary service. It’s crazy to think that I’ve now been on a mission for two whole years. They’ve sure been good ones!
     This week was a good one, and we stayed pretty busy. One of the highlights was Wednesday night when we (the Kranj and Ljubljana missionaries) helped to put on a “Meet the Mormons” open house at the Ljubljana church. Members ran different “stations” where visitors could go to learn about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ, etc. It was a really nice event. The best part was that my Auntie Jožica came! She is technically my closest relative in Slovenia (1st cousin 3 times removed, whatever that means…). She really enjoyed the night, and it was great to see her again. She is absolutely hilarious – 4 time Yugoslavian rifle shooting champion, avid mountain climber, and almost 90 years old. She plans to take a helicopter to the top of Slovenia’s tallest mountain next year, and I can only hope we share some genes that influence longevity and energy!


(Teta Jožica and I in the Ljubljana church)

Since we were all dressed up and in Ljubljana together, the Kranj district also decided to take a few quick pictures at the Ljubljana castle.


(Me, Elder Prososki, Elder Mangeris, Elder Wise – the most Kranderful district there is)




(…and Austria? Oops!)

     This week I also made another trip to the archives in Maribor. This was probably my last trip to the archives while here (they close for the rest of the summer), but it was a very productive one. I found the information for previously unknown ancestors, including my great-great grandparents, my great-great-great grandparents, and so on for a few generations. I now have our Slovene family traced back to about 1780.
     Overall, it was a good week. I hope you all have a great week and that you’re enjoying the summer. Hear from you soon!
     Starešina Davis

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