Happy 4th of July!

     First of all… happy 4th of July! Today obviously isn’t a holiday in Slovenia, but my companion and I are wearing red, white, and blue in spite of that. I’ve always loved the 4th of July – especially the BBQ!
     This was another good week in Kranj, and on Monday we had the chance to go on an amazing p day with Sjoerd and the other Elders in Kranj. We visited what is arguably one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia: the Soča river valley.DSC04792a.jpg
     The Soča river is known around the world for its stunning blue-green color, and was even the filming site for portions of the movie Narnia. I had seen pictures before, but when we actually got there I was shocked. It looks like someone poured a big bucket of food coloring into the water! Honestly, the river is just plain amazing.


(This is in the town “Most na Soči”. It doesn’t even look real…)



(The gang in the Tolmin Gorges. From front: Elder Wise, Elder Prososki, Elder Mangeris, Me, Sjoerd)



     Despite the fact that I don’t have any pictures of the rest of the week (oops), it was good as well. We had an exchange with the Elders from Celje, and I was able to serve with Elder Eddington for a few days. He’s been out for probably 6 months, and we had a lot of fun tracting and contacting around Kranj.
     One experience stands out in particular. We contacted a teenager on a bench who was sitting and playing on his phone. We started talking to him about what we do here, and he proudly told us that he is atheist. After a few more minutes of conversation though, he asked us why we care so much about religion. I told him how faith benefits my life, and when he saw that faith impacted my life in an actual, concrete way, he looked genuinely shocked. It’s sad that people don’t even know what they’re missing when the decide to ignore God. That’s why we (meaning we members, not just missionaries) are here.
     On Saturday, the Kranj Branch had a picnic, something that has been in the works for a while. Planning a branch activity can have its challenges, but the picnic ended up turning out wonderfully. Almost everyone from the branch was there, and we all enjoyed each other’s company for a few hours (as well as a LOT of food). Elder Prososki and I were in charge of filling up the water balloons for the activities, and well… let’s just that we ended up soaked. It was a great day though, and it was like watching one big branch family.
     I hope you all have a great week, and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Eat a burger in my honor.
     Starešina Davis

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