Family History, I am Doing It!

I don’t have too much time to write today, since we’re heading out with Sjoerd for a fun p day adventure pretty soon. I don’t have too many p days left, and I definitely need to be using them to their fullest!

     One of the highlights this week was a trip to the Maribor Archdiocesen Archives. They house nearly all vital records for the eastern half of Slovenia – including all of the towns where my family is from. We scheduled an appointment, made the drive from Kranj, and then spent a few hours looking through birth, baptismal, and marriage records. It’s somewhat tedious work, but each time I found a new ancestor it gave me the motivation to keep going. At the end of our few hours there, I had found 22 new ancestors.

Franz_Urek_Rojstna (1).jpg

(Here’s an example for you to see the kind of records I’m working with. This is a birth record for “Franz Urek”, one of the ancestors. If you think the writing looks a lot like Elvish, that makes two of us…)

     I scheduled a few more visits to the archives before I go home, and am excited to find as many people as I can. As I’ve done this family history I’ve gained a deeper and deeper testimony of how powerful this work really is. Doing sacred temple and family history work is so unique in the sense that it has tangible effects on both sides of the veil. As we serve our ancestors, they serve us, and everyone is edified together. I cannot wait until I’m able to start participating in the ordinances again. With these family names, I imagine that the temple experience will be more meaningful.
     Other than all of that, life is going pretty well. Summer started this week, and it’s been in the 80s almost every day. Combine that with 60-70% humidity and you’ve got a Slovene summer! It’s actually not that bad though – better than a few feet of snow.


(Slovenia the beautiful)


(You never know what you’ll see on the road!)


(There was a man in center with a pet pig. He got an ice cream cone for him. Your guess is as good as mine…)

     The work is going alright, and we’re just taking things day by day. On Monday we stopped by the house of a 24 year old who’s known the missionaries for a while to see how he was doing. His friend was there too, and the four of us ended up talking for quite a while. They had tons of questions about missionary work and the church, and we had a great time trying to answer. Although I may not be here to see them get baptized, it feels good to help people form a positive opinion of the Church and missionaries.
     Starešina Davis

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