Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone had a great week and a great Father’s Day. Sunday wasn’t a holiday in Slovenia, but I still enjoyed the time to reflect on all of the amazing fathers I have. I’ve got fathers on Earth, a Father in Heaven… I’m pretty much set!

     We had a good week, and this week I really have nothing much to say expect that I’m happy, healthy, and loving Kranj! It’s beautiful here, and on Monday we took a little trip to Lake Bled. It was a bit rainy and cloudy, so the tourists were few and far between – a lake to ourselves. We got pizza, ate some yummy Bled cream cake, and, of course, took pictures.


(Slovenia, my one true love)


      During the week we did the usual missionary routine of street contacting and tracting, and were able to talk to a number of people. Nobody new to teach yet, but we’re still hopeful! Church on Sunday was good, and the members here are some of the best. It may just be my Slovenia pride, but the faith and diligence of these pioneers is something that I wish members from wards and stakes all over the world could see.
     Anyway, I hope you all have a great week, and I look forward to hearing how everything goes. Love you all!
     Starešina Davis

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