Good Morning Kranj!

I can’t say I ever thought I’d write a Monday morning email from the Kranj library again. But here I am! It’s definitely been a week of transition, but it’s nice to be back.


(In case you forgot what Kranj looks like!)

On Monday, Elder Hughes and I moved around most of the day, and by Monday afternoon I was finally in Kranj with my new companion, Elder Prososki. Elder Prososki is actually in my MTC group, and we never thought we’d have the chance to serve together in the field – especially so close to the end of our missions. So it’s been fun having the chance to do some work together in Kranj.

One of the benefits of being in Kranj again is the fact that I’ve been able to reconnect with a lot of the people I knew and taught a year ago. For example, I took this opportunity to text a former investigator that I found last July, and told him I was back in Kranj. He was excited to get together again, so we met at the church on Friday for a lesson. After catching up for a few minutes we started talking about faith, and I asked him what’s changed in the last year. He talked about how he really wants answers and direction about religion, and wants to start meeting regularly to find those answers. It’s cool to see the change that can happen in a person over the course of one short year.

Getting to catch up with Sjoerd and Jasmina has also been a lot of fun. It’s now been about seven months since they were baptized, and I feel like a proud dad returning to see all of the great things they’ve done in that time. Missionary work is simply such an amazing and life changing work, for the missionaries as well as those being taught.

On Sunday instead of a regular sacrament meeting we watched a Western Europe Area broadcast from Salt Lake and Frankfurt. Elder Christofferson presided. One of the main themes of the day was the Church’s three-fold mission: proclaim the gospel, perfect the saints, and redeem the dead, and how we can work as members to further that mission. They also talked about our responsibility to reach out to the refugees in Europe as well as any others that may need our help. It was a nice conference.

All-in-all I’m enjoying the chance to be back in Kranj. We’re still not sure if this is permanent – we’ll find out on Thursday – but it’s been fun in any case. As a interesting side note, this weekend was the “International Organ Grinders’ Festival” and Kranj was alive with street organs and participants from all over Europe. Honestly I didn’t even know what an organ grider was, let alone that they have their own international festival. All I know is that Kranj looked, sounded, and felt even more fairytale-esque than ever  before. Not a bad place to be a missionary!


(A nice guy from the Czech Republic let me try out the organ. I’ve never felt so European!)


(The Kranj old bike club was out in force this weekend)


(It just goes to show that there is a hobby out there for everyone!)

and this..

Starešina Jack


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