Come What May and Love It!

There is no such thing as a dull week in the Adriatic North Mission, and this week was a prime example of that. Keeping a balance in the number of missionaries here is like a tedious game of dominos, and this week a few of them were knocked down… The Johnsons have been moved to Banja Luka, Bosnia (I’m really going to miss serving with them), Elder Hughes is moving to Celje, and I am going back to Kranj. And this is all happening today! Needless to say we’ve been busy this week with packing, organizing, and setting everything in order to leave Maribor. I’ve really grown to love Maribor and the people here, and am sad to leave so abruptly. But Kranj is fantastic, and I’m excited to once again be serving in the shadows of the alps.

Packing wasn’t the only thing we did though this week. On Monday Elder Hughes, the Johnsons, and I all took a trip up to the beautiful Logarska Dolina. It is “must see” for anyone in Slovenia and Elder Hughes had never been! It was even greener this time around, and I tried my hardest to exercise self control and not take 200 pictures again…DSC04561.JPGDSC04551.JPGDSC04553a.JPG

We also squeezed some missionary work into the schedule. On Wednesday Elder Hughes and I were able to go to the University of Maribor and speak for 45 minutes to a comparative religions class about Mormons. Few things are better than a captive audience, and it ended up being a blast! We talked about Joseph Smith, the start of the Church, the Book of Mormon, missionaries, the Word of Wisdom, temples, families, etc. etc. Not only that, but we brought Ines and Gaja along who talked to the class about what it’s like to be a Mormon in Slovenia. Overall a really good presentation, and the students had a lot of questions. I wish professors would invite us to their classes more often!


(We had Ines and Gaja try to snap some pictures during the presentation)

The rest of the week was just plain busy. Zone conference in Ljubljana on Wednesday, a meeting in Zagreb on Thursday, and then packing and cleaning on Friday and Saturday. Church on Sunday was nice, but it wasn’t fun having to say goodbye to the members. I’ve built some great friendships here, and it’s always hard to leave those behind. It was especially hard saying goodbye to Ines and Gaja! We’ve become a little Maribor family in the past few months, and I hope to see them again soon.
I guess the moral of this week is that change is simultaneously the best and hardest thing that can happen to us. I don’t like change any more than the next guy does. But God knows what He’s doing, and if the change is coming from Him we can trust the it’ll be good change. If I’ve learned one thing on my mission it’s that God has a plan – a real, practical, involved plan – for all of us, and that we are always happiest as we allow Him to let that plan unfold.
Starešina Davis

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