The Slovenian Dream

     We had another good week in the fairy-tale land of Slovenia, and I’m still amazed that I get to to missionary work in here.
     Last Monday we had an great time on p day exploring the Logarska Valley, which is said to be one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in this part of Europe. Although I can’t say I’ve visited many European glacial valleys… they’re so right! We spent the whole day driving and hiking around this arm of the Alps, and I don’t think I’ve seen nature this beautiful before. The scene of rolling green valleys back-dropped by the sheer mountains was spectacular.DSC04170.JPG


(This is the mouth of the valley. Coming around the corner and seeing that was literally breathtaking!)


     The rest of the week (although not quite as filled with beautiful nature) was equally good, and was the first week of my new transfer with Elder Hughes. It’s so great to be back together, and I can tell that this transfer is going to be one of my best. After getting him all moved in on Tuesday, we got to work and were fairly busy for the rest of the week.
     One thing we did was obviously continue to prepare Gaja for baptism (and teach Ines at the same time). We got together three times this week, and each time I was just amazed at the strength of their testimonies and excitement for the church. The energy that they have is contagious, and is making a real difference in the branch and in our missionary work. Honestly, I keep needing to remind myself that this isn’t too good to be true – it’s just the Lord leading prepared people into His church.
    On Thursday Elder Hughes and I had the rare chance to visit a… referral! I can probably count the number of genuine internet referrals I’ve received on one hand, so this was obviously an exciting moment for us. We scheduled an appointment and went over to this man’s apartment, and I won’t lie – at first I was a little unsure. The apartment was small and messy, and the smell of cigarette smoke was strong. The man we were there to teach was in his 50s and lived there alone. Not exactly what I was expecting. But, as we started talking, it turned out to be a wonderful and spiritual lesson.
     This man (although culturally Catholic) had never been religious, and had never given much thought to religion in general. But, as he was on the internet one day he stumbled across something about the Book of Mormon and started to read about what it was. And that’s when the Spirit hit him. He told us that when he read about the Book of Mormon online he felt drawn to it in a way that he’s never been drawn to anything in his life. He said that he felt some sort of connection to the book that was incomparable to anything else he’d felt. So naturally he requested one to read and, well, here we are! Isn’t it amazing how the Spirit can touch people like that? Although he had never heard of Mormons or the Book of Mormon, the Spirit was able to help him feel that it was something good and something he needed. We’re excited to keep teaching him.
     All-in.all, it was a great week. Maribor is wonderful, the people we’re working with are amazing, and I love my companion. I guess you could say that that I’m living the Slovenian dream 🙂
     Starešina Davis

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