Follow Him and Find New Life

Good morning everyone!

     This was a good week, and we did a lot to get ourselves pretty immersed in the Easter spirit. Each Easter and Christmas the Church undertakes a big public relations campaign, and this year’s Easter message is called “Follow Him”. There are a number of nice videos on the site, all of which send the central message, “Follow Him and Find New Life”. This is the message we’ve worked hard to share this week.
     Since nothing is translated into Slovenian the first step was to subtitle the video and create a pass along card. With the translated video, we went to work! The weather has been nice so we took the Johnson’s iPad and a table into center, and started sharing the video with people. It went surprisingly well, and we were able to get quite a few people to stop and watch – there’s something very non-threatening about watching a short video.
     On Thursday we got to change things up a little bit and take a quick trip to Zagreb, Croatia. There were some things in the office we needed to figure out (with apartment leases and such) so we made a little day trip out of it. After some time at the office in the morning we headed out for lunch and a walk through Zagreb’s beautiful center. There are some amazing things to see in Zagreb, one of the most notable being the main cathedral. It’s a beautiful building, and the history behind it is very cool. Although I love Slovenia, it was fun to have a few hours to explore Zagreb!


The Zagreb Cathedral



(A cool sculpture above the main door of the cathedral. It depicts God (on the right) , Christ ( on the left), and the Holy Spirit (the dove, above). It is so interesting to see that when the cathedral was built many hundred years ago, they believed that the Godhead was made up of three separate individuals. They may have changed the belief since then, but the artistic evidence of the truth remains.)


(More Zagreb)



(One of Zagreb’s center squares)

This week we also got to do a little birthday celebration for Elder Frandsen. He loves soccer, and the best gift we could think of was a Maribor soccer game! Back home I always thought of soccer as boring (c’mon, any sport where you can tie 0 to 0 can’t be that interesting, right?) but I’m a changed man now. Soccer games are SO much fun, and it’s just as exciting as any basketball or football game I’ve been to. The match we went to was Maribor vs. Novo Mesto, and I’m proud to say that Maribor won 2 to 1.


(Maribor’s two newest fans!)


     Overall, a great week. I loved the chance we had to show the Easter video to people, and I couldn’t think of a message I’d rather share than that through Jesus Christ we can find new life. Everyone we talked to this week knew who Jesus Christ was – they’ve heard that name their entire life. But, the answers changed completely when we asked them whether or not they felt like they had a personal relationship with Him. Jesus Christ isn’t just a historical or religious figure to study and read about in church. He is someone that we can actually have a relationship with. That’s the message we tried our hardest to share this week, and I can’t wait to keep on doing that for many more weeks to come 🙂
     Have a great Easter, and I I’ll hear from you soon!


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