Monday Morning in Maribor

I’m beginning to run out of clever subject lines for my weekly emails… I guess that means I’ve been here too long! Maybe I’ll just start teaching you random Slovene phrases.

 We had a good week here in Maribor and right at the beginning of the week I started feeling a lot better. By mid-week I was back to 100%! But, as luck would have it, Elder Frandsen started to get sick right as I started to get better. I guess when you have two people who live together and are around each other 24/7 the sickness is just bound to be shared. So, I had my turn playing nurse this week.

 On Monday we had a fun p day and were able to spend some time with the Elders from Varaždin, the closest Croatian city (that has a branch) to Maribor. It’s only 45 minutes away, and so on their way to come take care of some car registration stuff they stopped in Maribor for p day. The Elders there just happen to be Elder Rice – my former companion – and Elder Burnette – Elder Frandsen’s good friend from home. So it worked out great!


We all went on a hike together. From left: Sister and Elder Porter- serving in Varaždin. Me (on the phone of course…), Elder Rice (in Varaždin, my companion in Kranj), Elder Burnette (in Varaždin, friends with Elder Frandsen from back home), Elder Frandsen.

Palačinke movie night! This weeks feature film? The Testaments

 The rest of the week was fairly ordinary, although we had a couple of great lessons. One of them was with a 26-year-old who has known the missionaries for some time. We met him this week at the church, expecting to teach a simple lesson. He instead ended up asking every single question he could possible think of about the church. In his words, he “just wants to know what joining your church would entail”. It was a ton of fun answering someone’s questions like that and there’s no better feeling than teaching someone who actually wants to learn.

On Saturday we had quite the adventure. If you remember, I had the chance to speak at a funeral in January. Well, the man who organized the funeral emailed us and asked us if we’d visit some of his family members that still live here in Slovenia. Apparently the funeral made some sort of impression on them, and this man thought it would be a good idea to follow that up with a missionary visit. So, of into the countryside we went. These people we were trying to visit live in the middle of nowhere and so we were using the GPS to try and navigate ourselves there. The GPS ended up bringing us to a tiny dirt road in the forest though. So we parked. And then we traipsed through the forest, looking for this house. Needless to say, we were in the wrong area. I just had to laugh at the situation though – two missionaries in the middle of some Slovenian forest trying to find a tiny mystery village. I’d be interested to see what other missionaries do on their mission haha..

(“in 200 meters, your destination is on the right.” Whatever you say GPS…)
I call this face, “lost in a Slovenian forest”

We ended up finding the people though and had a great visit with them. It’s an older couple, and we’re going to come help them with their garden when the weather warms up a bit.

All-in-all a great week. I’m happy, healthy (finally…) and loving the work. One of our investigators asked me this week if, with the knowledge that I have now of what a mission actually entails, I would still come and give up two years doing this. The answer? Of course! Yes, a mission is hard, and sometimes it feels like you aren’t actually accomplishing anything. But what I’ve learned is to find joy in the little things. A good lesson where I know the investigator felt the Spirit. A great sacrament meeting that I know the members enjoyed. Giving someone a small piece of advice that will hopefully help them. As I focus on these little things, this becomes the most enjoyable work in the world.


Starešina Davis

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