O That I Were an Angel…

I had a good week, although it was interrupted by a bout with the flu. In the Book of Mormon there’s a point where Alma, wishing to have greater power to share the gospel message with the people, laments “O that I were an angel”. Well, I think I made a similar statement laying in bed this week! Granted, I was less interested in the angelic power than I was in the lack of sickness and pain that comes from having an immortal body…

On Wednesday night I wasn’t feeling the best so I went to bed shortly after we got home. When the alarm went off Thursday morning, I knew it was all over… I had a high fever, bad cough, sore body, and upset stomach. So, I crawled my way over to where the medicine is, then went back to bed for a few hours. It didn’t get much better and we ended up spending the better part of Thursday to Sunday inside our apartment. Poor Elder Frandsen was probably going crazy by my 10th or 11th nap… I did have to put myself together though on Friday and get through a few hours of zone conference. With the ever reliable help of DayQuil, I made it. Despite the fact that I was sick and drugged up, I still really enjoyed the conference. We talked about teaching the Restoration, and there we a lot of things which I’d like to try and implement in my teaching.

Despite the run-in with the flu, Elder Frandsen and I were still able to have some great teaching experiences this week. One stands out in particular.

Because of the time inside the apartment, we figured it would be a good time to start looking at the records of people who had been taught at one point in the past but, for whatever reason, stopped meeting with the missionaries. After looking through a few records I saw one that looked promising and gave him a call. He seemed happy to hear from us and was more than willing to get together and talk.

Two days later we met him at the church to sit down and talk, and I figured it would be more of a “get to know you” type conversation. The topic quickly turned spiritual though, and we ended up having an amazing lesson with him. He’d had religious questions for a long time that he’d never been able to find answers to, and we taught him about how we can find answers through honest and sincere prayer. We challenged him to pray when he got home, something he agreed to readily.

The next day while we were doing some things in the apartment we got a text out of the blue from that same investigator. Clearly excited, he said “God answered me! With His help He finally led me to an answer. You two MUST have been inspired to call me when you did.” It was such a great thing to hear, and it was a testimony of God’s hand in the work. In spite of whatever may be going on – sickness definitely included – He still works though us to accomplish miracles.

I wish I had more to share this week, and hopefully next week will be a little more exciting. I’m feeling much better, and Elder Frandsen and I are excited to start a fresh, healthy, new, week. I hope everything is going well back home, and you’re all in my prayers.

Starešina Davis


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