A Quick Hello!

I sure missed emailing you all yesterday, and it’s funny how subconsciously attached my body has gotten to Monday mornings… But, yesterday was a national holiday (Prešeren Day, celebrating Slovenia’s most famous poet) and EVERYTHING was closed. So, here I am!

Last week was good, and Elder Frandsen and I are trying to get ourselves situated into Maribor for our transfer together. He’s a really fun guy, and I think we’re going to have a great time together. Because of fewer and fewer Sisters entering the mission field though, Maribor is going to be “sister-less” this transfers! Just us two and the Johnsons. We’re taking over the sisters’ investigators and their area of Maribor, so this week we tried to get organized (tried, being the operative word there). Being the only two responsible for an entire city of 100,000 should be… something!

We did quite a bit this week, and I’ll quickly try to give you some of the highlights.


Last Monday for our p-day we drove around with the Johnsons and got Elder Frandsen oriented in Maribor. We drove through center, around the river, up into the surrounding countryside, and finally ended at Maribor’s big soccer stadium. Elder Frandsen is very into soccer and Sister Johnson was able to talk our way out onto the field. Maribor’s soccer team is the best in the country (sorry Ljubljana…) and so it was a really cool thing to get to see.

During the rest of the week we did our normal missionary things: contacting, tracting, teaching lessons, etc. and we were able to talk to a number of really cool people. There was one experience though which really stood out.

On Saturday Elder Frandsen and I decided to go and track down an inactive member of the branch that nobody had heard from in a while. As we were going through the branch roster we felt pretty strongly about visiting this member, and so headed to his apartment building after lunch. When we got to the building though, we realized that we didn’t know which, out of the 20 or 30 apartments, was his. The solution? Tract the whole thing! We started at the top floor and began to work our way down.

10 or 15 doors later, a college-aged guy answered the door and we started talking to him. That turned into a conversation about the Restoration and ended with us teaching him a 30 or 40 minute lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. He told us that he’s searching for truth in his life, and that he’d be excited to meet with us to find this truth for himself. It was a great experience, and as we were leaving, I had the distinct impression that this guy was the reason we had been prompted to visit the member. We never did end up finding that member, but the Lord used that as a way to get us into the path of someone who was searching for the truth. I love it when I get to see the hand of the Lord like that!

Sunday was good, and fast and testimony meeting was really nice. Although we may be small in number, I love hearing the testimonies of these pioneers. After church we did some more hunting for members, and this trip to some cool places that I had never been before. And we found the member! So a double win for us.

Finally, yesterday was, of course, a blast. In addition to being “Prešeren Day” is was also part of “Pust”, Slovenia’s traditional holiday meant to drive away winter. Maybe you remember it from last year – a lot of half sheep, half yetis running around trying to scare winter away. It’s a fun (and very unique) tradition, and we were able to go to the town of Ptuj to enjoy some of those festivities.


(Sister Johnson, Elder Pickard, Me, Elder Hughes, Elder Frandsen- my companion. All of us at the Pruj castle)


(Pruj castle weapons room – aka every boy’s dream)


All-in-all we had a great week and I’m excited for this upcoming transfer. I don’t have too many of those left, and I hope to be able to use this one to its fullest!

Starešina Davis


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