Vesel Božič in Srečno Novo Leto!

     Dobro jutro in vesel Božič everyone!!
     The first few days of the week were filled (for the most part) with our hot chocolate activity, and we’re still seeing great success with it – we’re now teaching 3 people who were found while doing it. We also spent the first fews days of the week doing some last minute Christmas shopping… when you are with someone 24/7 it can be really hard to get gifts for them haha, so there was a lot of sneaking around, enlisting the other missionaries to buy things for you, etc. Somehow it worked.
     On Christmas eve we spent a few hours going to each of the members’ homes, singing to them, and giving them a bag of “Christmas oranges”. It was good for me, being new and all, to have the chance to go and see all of the members like that. They seemed to really appriciae it as well, and I know we missionaries really enjoyed it.
     When we got back to the Johnson’s, we spent the rest of the night playing Catan, eating Slovene-style Cafe Rio, and trying to keep ourselves awake. When midnight finally got close, the 6 of us walked into center and enjoyed midnight mass together. Mass was a lot more enjoyable for me this year (probably since I was able to understand it this time around) and was a fun way to see some Slovene culture.

(Maribor district with matching PJ’s)

     Christmas itself was amazing, and we spent the whole day in our PJs, eating, watching church movies, listening to Christmas music, opening gifts, and of course, talking to our families 🙂
     All-in-all it was a fantastic Christmas, and I loved being able to see everyone. You all looked so healthy and happy and I wished I was there celebrating and opening gifts with you. But, I know that I’m in the right place doing the right thing, and that you’re in the right place as well.
     I love you and can’t wait to hear from you, and have a wonderful new year!


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