Back to the Roots

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

     We had a good week in Kranj, and winter is definitely rearing it’s ugly head… The weather was beautiful during the beginning of the week but on Friday we got 3 or 4 inches of snow. Although Kranj and the nearby alps are beautiful when covered with snow, it sure doesn’t help get me excited to leave the warm apartment haha. We’re surviving though.
     The first highlight from the week was the chance I had to go visit my roots, and see where the Slovene family all began. On Thursday morning we went down to Ljubljana to borrow the car and then Elder Hughes and I made the trip down to Brežice, a town on the Croatian border. We met some of the Slovene family there and together we spent the day exploring this part of our family’s history. We went to the house where Agnes Cvetko was born, the family vineyard, the graveyard where everyone is burried, etc. I had such a great time getting to know this part of my family a little bit better.DSC03249.JPG(The white house in the background is where Agnes Cvetko was born and raised. It’s obviously been remodeled over the years, but it was so cool to be back there, over 100 years later)


(At the Zidarič family grave)
     It was a great day, and having this connection with Slovenia is something that adds so much meaning to my mission for me.
     The second highlight of the week for me was a miracle we saw on Saturday. We got a referral from (that happens once in a very rare blue moon in Slovenia) so we were obviously excited to go and visit the woman. We went over to her house with a member and started by just getting to know her. She is in her 30s and has two young kids – it’s a beautiful family. We started to talking to her and she told us about how she met a friend online from Australia who happens to be Mormon, and I guess their conversations quickly turned to religion. He ended up sending her a Book of Mormon which she read in 3 days and she’s now wanting more! We talked about what we do as missionaries and she’s already committed to be baptized – it’s now just a matter of teaching the lessons and helping her build a testimony.
     This referral was simply another testament to me that the internet is the future of missionary work both here and all over the world. The internet can reach more people in one day then a missionary can reach during their whole mission, and it helps us find those who are actually looking for the truth.
     All-in-all this was a good week 🙂 We’re helping Sjoerd get ready for baptism, and make sure to keep in your prayers! Hopefully by next Monday when you hear from me he’ll be Slovenia’s (and the Netherlands’) newest member of the church.
     I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving, and make sure to eat an extra plate or two in my honor.


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