Miracles Abound

Hello everyone!

     This was a good week in Kranj, and a busy one as well. We had zone conference with all of the missionaries on Friday, and then on Sunday Slovenia had it’s district conference (our equivalent of Stake Conference). Both were wonderful conferences, and district conference was an opprotunity to see the members from all 4 branches. When the church is so small, it’s easy to really get close to the members.
    The real miracle of the week though was a referral we got from Mormon.org. Here in Slovenia, we don’t exactly get a lot of referrals from the internet (this one was maybe my second or third), so when we saw that we’d recieved one, we were understandably excited haha. We set up to meet him in the church on Saturday to talk about who we are, and the lesson was… well, amazing!
     He is a young man from the Netherlands but is living here to study. He told us that he wasn’t raised religious, but after deciding he was missing something in his life, started to do some research on the internet. Well, one thing led to another and he found himself on Mormon.org, and then eventually in the Kranj church building 🙂 In talking to him, I came to the conclusion that he’s probably the most sincere and prepared person I’ve talked to. He follows Mormon Channel on instagram, watches “Music and the Spoken Word” everySunday, was able to pick President Monson out of a picture, loves the Word of Wisdom, thinks the idea of a restoration makes perfect sense, to name only a few things. Talking to him was honestly a blast, and he’s such a cool guy.
     At the end of the lesson on Saturday we told him about district conference the next day, and told him there would be 3 sessions, at 8:30,9:30, and 11:30, and that we’d love to see him at one of them. But, wanting to see as much as he could, he asked to come to all 3 sessions. Less than 24 hours after meeting the missionaries, he wanted to attend 6 hours of church with us haha! He seemed to really enjoy it, and when the last session was over I asked him what questions he had. He responded that all of it was pretty clear execpt for three things: “One, what does everyone mean when they talk about having ‘priesthood keys’? Two, what exactly are the 12 tribes of Isreal? And three, what is a patriarchal blessing?” I had to just laugh, and told him I would be happy to answer those questions when we met next. He is progressing quickly, and I feel so blessed to have the opprotunity to help teach him.
    The Lord really does prepare people for this gospel, and miracles really do abound in this work. Being a full-time missionary is like having a VIP ticket to watch the Lord’s miracles unfold right before your eyes, and it still amazes me – even after more than a year of this. I truely believe that “the Lord is hastening His work” as Isaiah would say, and that we as members are living in the most exciting time of Church history that’s ever been. One thing which I believe is contributing to this hastening is the internet. Up until this point in the church, missionary work has always been done person to person, door to door, contact to contact. Although this is good, the internet now gives us the chance to literally “flood the Earth with righteousness”. So, this week take a minute and think about how you can help perpetuate that flood of righteousness!
    I love you all and hope you have a great week. I pray for you always, and remember to keep me and those I’m teaching in your prayers. I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures to send home, but don’t worry – there will be some amazing photos in a week 🙂
     Starešina Jack

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