Dobro jutro in lep pozdrav moja družina :)

Happy Monday!

     The weeks here are just flying by, and this was another good one.
     We started off the week on Monday with p day. We invited the 4 Ljubljana missionaries up to Kranj and then the 8 of us spent the day together. We found a sand volleyball court and so had a blast playing a big group game of volleyball. Honestly, I think the best part was just being able to have my feet in sand again! After volleyball, we ordered pizza to the church, ate dinner together, and then had our combined district meeting. Since neither Kranj nor Ljubljana has a senior couple right now, we’ll be having combined district meetings every week until the beginning of October.

(This week's culinary creation? Homemade beef jerky.)

(This week’s culinary creation? Homemade beef jerky.)

DSC02583 (2)

A little dusting of snow on the alps!

A little dusting of snow on the alps!

     Tuesday was a chalking day for us, and it was very successful. We drew pictures of Moses and the Red Sea, Noah’s ark, and Jonah and the whale. Under this we wrote out Amos 3:7, and then in big, bold letters, “Where is today’s prophet?” It was a great question and it really made people stop and think for a minute.
     Friday was a pretty unique day, becuause in the evening we all had the chance to go to a big piano concert in a catholic church in Ljubljana. Paul Cardell is a fairly famous Mormon pianist, and he’s working with our mission right now to put on a few concerts. The first was in Ljubljana, and it turned out beautifully. Some of the Slovene family came, as well as a few investigators, and it ended up being a fantastic night. Hearing “The Spirit of God” played inside a large catholic church was definitely a cool experience haha.DSC02550     On Saturday

we decided to try a new finding activity: true or false board. We wrote “How well do you know Mormons?” on a board and then had 8 ‘true or false’ questions surrouding it, such as: “True or false: Mormons are Christians”, “True or false: Mormons are primarily Americans”, etc. We invited people up to test their knowledge about Mormons, and many people did. It was very easy to talk to people like this, and it was a lot of fun for us and for the people participating. We’re planning on doing it again this week!


(A rainy day finding activity)

(A rainy day finding activity)

     Overall this was a fantastic week, and I had a really good experience contacting on Sunday evening. I stopped this 18 year old kid in the center square and we started talking. When I asked him whether or not he was religious, he told me that up until 3 months ago, he was a staunch athiest, but that he now believed in God. When I asked him what changed his mind, he told me the story of how his mother died 3 months ago, and told me about the experiences he’s been having as a result. I was able to testify that through God’s Plan of Happiness, we can ALL live together again as families. It felt so amazing to be able to truely share a message of hope with him, and tell him that although his mom was gone, he would have the chance to live with her for eternity. There was just a very powerful and sweet Spirit present, and he happily accepted a Plan of Salvation brochure. It’s little experiences like this that remind me why I’m on a mission, and I wouldn’t trade the chance to share a message of hope with people for anything.
     I love you all, and I hope and pray everything is going well. I’ll talk to you soon, and until then… imam vas rad!
     Elder Jack

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