Kranj Adventures

Good Morning Everyone!

     My week was pretty good. Hot… but still good haha. The beginning of the week was transfers, but since Elder Rice and I are staying together in Kranj, we didn’t have to worry about any of that. Both of the sisters transfered though and two new ones came in which meant we were called upon to help carry luggage up and down the stairs 🙂

(The old Kranj District ice cream selfie: SIster Redding, Sister Christensen, me, Elder Rice)

(The old Kranj District ice cream selfie: Sister Redding, Sister Christensen, me, Elder Rice)

The two sisters in Kranj now are Sisters Erdman and Duffy. Sister Erdman was in the MTC with me, and we’re finally getting the chance to work together! Sister Duffy is here straight from the MTC. It should be fun getting to work with the two of them this transfer. IMG_3684DSC02256

     We started of the week with some solid chalking. The theme this time was “Who are Mormons?”. Most people in Kranj have seen us walking around but have no idea who we are or what we actually do, so we wrote out a big “Who are Mormons?” and then just talked to people about Mormons. It was really successful. The best part of the night was a young couple I stopped and talked to. They didn’t know anything about Mormons, and by the end they told me this was the best church they’d ever heard of! In general there are a few points about our church that really appeal to people here: the fact the priests in our church can (well, should) have families, the fact that nobody is paid, the idea of praying with our own words, and the concept of getting answers from God for ourselves about the truth of different doctrines. This couple loved all of these things, and they gladly took a brochure and gave me their number.
     The rest of the week was good and we had a few follow-up lessons with people found during chalking. During our “who are Mormons?” one, I talked to a young guy – maybe 22 – and set up with him to meet the next day at the church. Sure enough, he came to the church and we had a great lesson on the Restoration with him. The best part of this is that it shows chalking not only helps us talk to people on the street, but is actually able to help us find people who will be willing to investigate. It feels good when things actually work out the way you’re hoping haha…
     All-in-all it was another good week in Kranj. I don’t have anything special or profound to say this week, so I’ll just say this: I have an undeniable and unshakable testimony of the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ through the Prophet Jospeh Smith. I’ve watched the Restoration film quite a few times this week with investigators, and each time I do, I feel the Spirit telling me of its truth. There’s a lot I still have to learn and there’s honestly a lot I don’t understand – certain doctrines, parts of early church history, etc. That doesn’t change the truthfulness of the message though. I couldn’t be happier than I am now, having the chance to share that with other people 🙂
     I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! Hear from you soon.
     Love, Jack

One thought on “Kranj Adventures

  1. Great letter Jack! What a creative way to find people. Yes, the spirit does testify to your spirit of the truthfulness of the Gospel. It is the most wonderful message in the world and the way to true peace and happiness. I love the Gospel and feel the love of the Lord every day. We are blessed. Davis left for Baltimore yesterday, so today is his first day in the mission field. There were 23 missionaries that went with him. A huge transfer!! Anyway, we love you and pray for you always. Natalie comes home next month. The years are flying by. Love, Grandma Davis

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