Transfers and More Chalk!

Dobro jutro vsi!

Another good week in Kranj and another transfer come and gone. The new transfers were announced on Thursday, and there isn’t too much to say – Elder Rice and I will both be staying in Kranj together for another two months. I’m excited to see what creative things we can come up with now that we have another transfer together!

It rained during the first half of the week which meant no chalking for us, but as soon as it cleared up on Friday we were out there, chalk in hand 🙂 This week we decided to do a big collection of pictures having to do with the Restoration, and the centerpiece was a giant chalk version of Joseph Smith’s First Vision, complete with the entire account written out. It looked so good, and almost every person that walked past stopped to read Joseph’s account. It was very cool, and was equally successful this week as it was last week. We’ve gained the reputation in the mission of being those “crafty and creative” Elders, and it’s a reputation we’re happily embracing haha

(The sisters got this great one of me telling a teenage couple about Joseph Smith)

(The sisters got this great one of me telling a teenage couple about Joseph Smith)

DSC02198 DSC02213

On Saturday we had the chance to go to Ljubljana for a baptism. A 16 year old who basically found the church on his own got baptised this week, and so we were able to go down and be a part of that. He’s an amazing kid, and the Spirit was amazingly strong during the service. The two of us and the two Elders from Ljubljana sang “Where can I turn for Peace?” in Slovene as a musical number, and Elder Rice gave a talk on baptism. All-in-all, it was a beautiful service, and everyone was crying by the end haha.

This is the coolest part though: Jožica (one of my Slovene relatives) came to the baptism!

She called me earlier this week saying she had a few pictures for me and asked when I was going to be in Ljubljana next. I told her I’d be at the church in Ljubljana for an event on Saturday and we agreed to meet early so she could give me those pictures. Well, she got to the church and after we talked for a minute, I finallyasked her if she wanted to stay for the baptism. To my pleasant surprise, she glady agreed! Jožica told me at the end that she really enjoyed it, and it made it all the more special to have a family member there.

Talk about a great baptismal service!

(Me and "auntie" Jožica at the baptism)

(Me and “auntie” Jožica at the baptism)

Overall this was a great week. The work goes forward slowly but surely, and I’m excited to see what this transfer will hold. I hope everyone is having a great summer, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

z ljubeznijo,

Elder Jack

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