A Quick Hello (and of course, more waterfalls)

Hello family!

     This will be a quick email – I apologize in advance. Today we’re headed off to Postojna Caves (some of Slovenia’s world famous caves) for another great p day adventure, and we’re trying to get there as early as we can.
     Speaking of fun p day adventures, our p day this past Monday was pretty amazing (it’s hard to have a bad p day when you live in a country like Slovenia). We went with the Johnsons to the Vintgar Gorge, a beautiful river gorge north of Lake Bled. There’s a wooden walk way that goes all the way up the river and let’s out at a waterfall. The water was crystal clear and a spectacular blue-green color, so naturally I left with a billion pictures. I’ll send some of the good ones.

(I've come to realize that every hike in Slovenia leads to a waterfall...)

(I’ve come to realize that every hike in Slovenia leads to a waterfall…)


     The rest of the week was filled with mostly finding – aka tracting and contacting. It was SO hot here this week, but despite the sweat and beating sun, the week was a good one. A plus that came from the heat was a wonderful emotion called pity… At many, many houses, the people felt so bad that we were out going door to door in the hot sun that they couldn’t help but offer us water, and then talk for a few minutes. In fact, we actually found a new investigator that way! I suppose there’s a reason Christ “contacted” the Samarian woman at the well – you just can’t turn someone down when they ask for water haha.
     This week we also focused a lot on trying to talk to younger people, and we saw a lot of success doing that. Not that there aren’t older people out there who are prepared to hear the gospel… the younger people just tend to be so much more open to new ideas. For the most part, they just aren’t stuck in their ways yet. We saw some success with thaton Saturday. We were walking around in Center during the afternoon but there weren’t too many people out, except a young guy sitting on a wall texting. We went up to him and started talking, and it turned out he was 19 as well, but wasn’t religious at all. We told him that our job as missionaries is to help people find out for themselves whether God exists or not, and we then both shared experiences of how we had received personal answers to prayer during our lives. This fascinated him, and he asked exactly how a person can receive an answer like that. The Spirit was very strong as we both testified that God really does answer our prayers when we ask in faith. It was a great conversation, and we’re excited to try and meet up with him again soon.
     Overall, I had a wonderful (but HOT) week here in Kranj 🙂 The work moves forward, and I’m feeling happy and healthy. I hope life is wonderful back at home, and I pray for all of you every single day! Sorry again for the short email, but I’ll hear from you again before you know it!
     Love, Jack

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