A Week of Miracles

Good morning everyone!

     We just finished up another great week in Kranj, and this week was definitely a week of miracles. Although last week ended on a pretty low note, the Lord definitely blessed us this week, and we saw some great success.
     Monday was p day, and we decided to go with the sisters and the Johnsons to Brdo Castle, a castle to the north of Kranj. It’s actually not so much a castle as it is a fancy European mansion on a beautiful estate, and we had a tour of both. Brdo was Tito’s summer residence while he was alive, and was where he spent the last part of his life. Brdo is still used today by the Slovenian government as an official diplomatic venue, and was the place that hosted the first ever meeting between George Bush and Vladimir Putin. Fun facts from Elder Davis… It was a pretty building though, and the grounds were nice.DSC01788 DSC018031 DSC01783 DSC01772 DSC01764 (1) DSC01746

     On Monday, p-day normally ends at 6 pm (we then work from 6 to 9) and we had a doctor’s appointment scheduled during that time for Elder Rice. The appointment got changed at the last minute though, and so we were left with nothing in our plan for those 3 hours. I’m normally not one that’s anxious to go tracting, but as we were walking around there was a certain street that I felt we needed to go tracting on. We did… and it was great! On that small street we were able to find 4 new people to teach, one of which is very promising. We knocked on his door, and after asking him whether he goes to church or not, he said “you know, I actually don’t go to church, and it’s becuase I’m just so confused as to why there are so many different Christian churches.” That concern is music to my ears, and we had a great conversation with him about Joseph Smith.
     Wednesday was another great day like this. We didn’t have a ton planned, and so we were walking around talking to people on the street for quite some time. Like Monday, we were able to find 4 new people to teach. It was interesting – 3 of those 4 were Muslim teenagers, and I had a great time talking to them about religion, what they thought about Jesus Christ, etc. All of them were really nice kids, and I’m excited to meet with them again. The fourth person that day was a really cool guy – probably 24 – and we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation. He said he would be interested in meeting again, but was really, really busy. He said the only time that he could meet would be Thursday morning (the next morning) at 7am… We figured we might as well try, and set up to meet.
     We got up on Thursday morning, put on our workout clothes, and took a nice morning jog over to the church. I honestly was not expecting anyone to be there, but, to my amazement, there he was at 7am, waiting outside the church. We had a nice lesson with him about the simple basics – who is God, what is His role in our lives, what is His plan for us, etc. The Spirit was really strong. We also had a great lesson on Thursdaywith the “why are there so many churches” man from Monday, and he said he is defintiely interested in learning more.
     The small and simple miracles like this continued until Sunday night, and I know for a fact that it had nothing to do with Elder Rice and I and how great we are at tracting and contacting. The success came as we relied more on the Lord and trusted in His direction. I’m excited to see where the work will go as we work on trusting Him even more. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you soon!
     Elder Jack

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