Quick Email, But a Lot to Say!

Good Morning Everyone!!

     It’s strange emailing on a Friday – you get into such a set routine as a missionary haha. P day was changed to Friday for just this week, since today we are leaving to go to Croatia for zone conference. We’ll be in Zagreb today and tomorrow, and should be back in Slovenia by Saturday evening.
     As usual, I’ve had a great week, and this week there have been a couple of highlights in particular. The first was that I finally had a chance to meet my Slovenian family!! After quite a few phone calls and some rescheduling, it finally happened 🙂
     On Wednesday morning I got up with Elder Rice, and both of us went down to Ljubljana. There, at the train station, we met Zlata (who I’m pretty sure is technically my 2nd cousin, twice removed, whatever that means haha). She is a SUPER nice woman, probably in her 60s, and was our “host” on Wednesday. She started by taking us on a walking tour of Ljubljana Center, showing us all the historical buildings, the church where she was married, etc. She also insisted on buying us a bag of fresh cherries from the market 🙂 The entire time that we were walking around she was telling me stories of Agnes (the one who came to America) and stories about all the family who stayed. Naturally, I was trying to jot down notes the whole time haha.
      My favorite of her stories about Agnes is this: After Agnes Zidarič (my great-great grandma) left and went to America, she was very poor, even in the States. Yet, she never forgot her family back in Slovenia. Multiple times a year, Agnes would send home big packages of American foods, toys, second hand clothes, etc. Zlata told me that during her entire childhood she wore nothing but hand-me-downs from the United States. While the rest of the children were in all grey and black and white, Zlata would have these bright, flowery dresses from Agnes in the States haha. Good to know that Agnes was still thinking about the family back home, and that it made such a lasting impression 🙂

      After our walking tour of Ljubljana, we went back to the apartment of Jožica (who is my 1st cousin, 3 times removed). Jožica is 88 years old, and is SO funny. She’s probably the spunkiest 88 year old woman I know, and she spent the whole time telling me stories (quite a few jokes) and just being friendly. Jožica and Zlata had a really nice lunch prepared, so we ate, talked, and shared stories. I ended up leaving that afternoon with a big book a family history, a photo album, and a promise of many, many, more visits. It was such a good day, and I felt so welcomed by them.

Jozica, me, Zlata

Jožica, me, Zlata


lunch in Jožica’s apartment

     The rest of the week was great as well, though that visit was the highlight.
     One thing that I definitely need to mention though is one of our investigators. He is a man (about 55) and we’ve been teaching him for a while now. He’s a great investigator, and loves the church. He’s come to church every Sunday for almost 3 months, and has accepted everything we’ve taught. Most recently we taught about tithing and fast offerings, and he had no problems with it. He has a baptismal date for Saturday, July 11th, and so we’re in the midst of trying to organize everything for that. Pray that it’ll all go well!
     Well, it’s about time to head out to Zagreb. P day will be here in just 3 days, so I’ll be writing again soon. I love you all, and how everyone is having a great week and a great summer. Until Monday!

Elder Davis

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