Lakes, Waterfalls, and Great Investigators!

     Good morning everyone!

     We had a great week here in Kranj, and it started off with yet another amazing p-day. It’s amazing how much beatuy there is in this country, and how close it all is. SO much beatuy packed into such a tiny country.
     This Monday the Kranj district (me, Elder Rice, Sister Christiansen, Sister Redding, and the Johnsons) had a little adventure in Triglav National Park. It’s Slovenia’s only national park, but is pretty big, and covers a chunk of the northwestern park of the country. Our first stop was Bohinj Lake, about 30 minutes past Lake Bled. I loved Bohinj – it has the same natural beauty of Bled (if not more), without all the tourists! We spent a bit of time just wandering around the lake, putting our feet in water, and just enjoying the beauty.



From the Lake we headed another 30 minutes into the park to the Slavica waterfall. It was a good hike further up into the mountains, and let out at an amazing waterfall. Everyone waited paitently while Elder Davis took a million pictures, and then it was back down the mountain haha. Overall, a great p day out in the stunning nature of Slovenia. 


The rest of the week was back into a white shirt and back to work. We did a lot of tracting, though we’re also really trying to focus on doing other activities to find people. One of the things we’re doing this week is a “How do I start my family history?” night at the church, open to the public.We’ve never tried anything like this before, and I’m excited to see how it goes! I love planning and doing things like this, and next on the list is probably going to be a big service project sort of activity. I’ll let you know what we get planned.
     Another great part of the week were some of the lessons we had. We’ve been meeting a lot with one investigator in particular, and had a few lessons with him.
     At the start of our most recent lesson with him, we asked if he had read anything out of the Book of Mormon, and he responded by saying that he had read 1 Nephi 18-21. When I asked him what he thought about it, he said “well, I have a hard time remembering things, so I don’t know if I can say exactly…” At that point I sort of made the assumption that he hadn’t read, and was just trying to come up with an excuse. To my surprise though, he followed up with “…but if I remember right, this is the part where Nephi builds a boat and him and his family cross the ocean, but he has issues with his two brothers, etc.” It’s never felt so good to have an assumption proved wrong haha.
     After talking about the chapter for minute, he said “okay, so how exaclty do I become a member of your church? What are the steps to joining?” I don’t think I’ve ever been asked a more wonderful question, and we’re now working with him to get ready for baptism. There are still a few issuesto overcome, but I’m hopeful. So, the work continues!
     I really love, love, love teaching. Contacting and tracting? They’re okay haha. But as a missionary there really isn’t anything better than just sitting down and teaching someone the gospel. Lessons are always the highlight of my week.
     Well, I hope you’re all having a great week, and that everyone’s happy and healthy. Happy early Father’s Day to everyone!
     Anyway, I love you all, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
     Starešina Jack


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