Dobro jutro družina moja :)

     My email today is going to be pretty quick. The reason for that is the amazing p day we have planned! As soon as we finish here in the library, the 6 of us (4 missionaries and Elder and Sister Hansen) are getting in the car and heading to… Piran! Piran is Slovenia’s picturesque coastal town on the Adriatic Sea (google it!), and I’m so excited to see it. Believe it or not, this is the longest I’ve ever gone without seeing the ocean, and I weirdly miss it. It’s funny how you can take something like that for granted when you’re around it all the time, but as soon as you’re gone – you can’t wait to get back to it! So today should be a blast.
     This week was a good one. On Monday, I had the chance to go with Elder Petersen to the town of Rogaška Slatina, the town where (if we’re correct) Alojz (Louis) Cvetko was born. It felt strange to return to his home town like that, 100 years after he had left. Funny how this all works out! We spent the day seeing the town, visiting the local churches looking for records (I found out they’ve been moved to the Catholic archives in Maribor – the hunt is on), and I dragged Elder Petersen around the town graveyard for a while. I found 5 or 6 tombs with “Cvetko” on them, and now I just need to figure out who is who. It was an amazing town, and looked like something straight out of… Europe haha. A great p day, and I’m getting really excited about the family history aspect of my mission.

Me in front of the main church in Rogaska Slatina

Me in front of the main church in Rogaska Slatina

It was quite a town!

It was quite a town!

DSC01204 DSC01211

I forgot to mention - it's been raining for a week straight, without stopping!

I forgot to mention – it’s been raining for a week straight, without stopping!


There is usually a sidewalk under there somewhere

Tuesday was zone conference, and that was (as always) a very spiriutal experience. The testimonies shared were beautiful, and I left with a renewed determination to follow the Holy Ghost more completly in my life.

     In fact, that was my main focus during the last 7 days. For part of my studies this week, I focused on Proverbs 3:5-6, which say “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.” As missionaries, our number one desire is for the Lord to “direct our paths”, both spiritually and literally. What do we need to do to make that happen? Trust Him, acknowledge Him, and not trust in ourselves. It’s easy as a missionary to think “Oh, I know what I’m doing!” or, “I’m from a successful ward in America – I know what’s best for the people here!”. The trick though, is to let go of the “I know” thoughts and focus only on the “He knows” thoughts.
     So that’s what I tried to do this week. Instead of going where I thought was best, I tried to let the Lord direct my path. It was a great week, and I definitely saw an increase in Spirit and in direction from the Lord. I’ll make sure and share more next week.
     I love you all so much, and cannot wait to hear from you soon! I hope you had a great week, and know that I continue to think about you and pray for you.
     Love, Jack

One thought on “Dobro jutro družina moja :)

  1. You look so happy and healthy. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately, and as soon as finals are over I’ll hopefully be writing another letter or at least email your way. Sending love from Santa Cruz!

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