Good morning everyone, and happy (late) Mother’s Day!

We had a good week in Celje, and it was a week that left me just absolutly exhausted (in a good way of course). On Wednseday we had our “Return and Report” conference, which is a conference for all of the trainers and trainees to talk about how training is going. It was held in Kranj, so we left early Wednesday morning and drove about an hour and a half to the church there. The conference was great, and we talked about training progress and about what we can do for the rest of the transfer. The trainess also had to teach a 5 minute lesson in Slovene (in front of everyone), and Elder Petersen did great on his lesson!

Celje District!

Celje District!

Thursday and Friday were pretty crazy, and we spent a good chunk of the time getting ready for our spring concert.

Speaking of the concert, it was… amazing! We put a lot of time into preparing, but simply had no idea what to expect. Maybe a handful of members would come? Maybe more? We just didn’t know. But, Friday evening rolled around, and everything was set up and ready to go. The four Maribor missionaries were downstairs welcoming people, and the four of us Celje missionaries ran upstairs to grab a few last minute things. We said a quick district prayer up there that everything would go well, and then headed down to see. We walked into the chapel, and I was honeslty shocked! We had 50 or so people sitting there, and over half were non-members. The music ended up being great; we had some amazing piano pieces, a professional violinist, multiple singing numbers, and more. We had refreshments afterward, and had an amazing time getting to meet all of the non

getting ready for the concert

getting ready for the concert

DSC01053-members who had come. All-in-all, a great night.

Although doing the concert has left me dead, I feel really good about it. This is my kind of missionary work. As much as I enjoy tracting and contacting, I loved spending our time and effort putting together a quality event. Events, activities, workshops, service projects – these are the things I would love to spend more time doing.

Other than the concert and the conference on wednesday, there isn’t much else to report. Church was good on Sunday, the work with Elder Petersen is a blast (as always), and I feel lucky to be able to be serving here in Celje, Slovenija.

You’re all in my thoughts and prayers, and I love you all. I hope everyone has a great week of work and school, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!DSC01042

"the cake" at Bled

“the cake” at Bled



Elder Jack

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