Happy “Day of Uprising Against Occupation” haha!

     Well, emails are late again this week. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention back home… but there seems to be a lot of holidays here haha. Yesterday was the “Day of Uprising Against Occupation”, and so everything in the city was closed, including the library. Becuase of all that, we’re having p day today.

     This week was a good week, and for p-day last week we went to the lake just north of Celje. It was my third or fourth time up there, but I honestly never get tired of it. It’s so beautiful up there, and I feel so good just getting out into nature and enjoying some time not having to worry about anything. We brought up sandwhich stuff and had a nice lunch on the dock.

Inline image 1
     The rest of the week was pretty good as well, and there are a few things in the mix right now. One of those things is planning and getting ready for the Spring Concert we’re having on May 8th. The 4 of us are planning it with help from the Branch, and it’s looking like it should be great. We have the missionaries from Maribor coming (one of the sisters there is a great pianist), we’re all doing a varity of musical numbers, and we have a professional violinist scheduled to come and play as well. I’m really excited to see how this goes. It should be a great activity for members to invite non-member friends and family.
      This week we also had our exchange with the zone leaders, and so I spent a few days here in Celje with Elder Dearinger and Elder Petersen spent a few days down in Ljubljana. It was a lot of fun being with Elder Dearinger again, and we had a good exchange. One of the highlights was a lesson we had with a family we found tracting a few weeks ago. Our first (and only) lesson two weeks ago was just with the mom, but when we came this time, the mom and the 16 year old daughter were both on the lesson. The husband was sitting on the couch not too far away, pretending not to listen, but after a few minutes he couldn’t help but stop us to ask some questions haha. We taught them all about the Restoration and Joseph Smith, and it was just so great to actually teach a whole family.
Inline image 2
(While tracting, we found some ancient Roman ruins. Welcome to Celje!)
     On Saturday Elder Dearinger and I took the train to Ljubljana so that we could switch back, and because we were there, had the chance to go to a baptism in Ljubljana! An English Class student from the class there started investigating the church a few months ago and was baptized this Saturday. It was a beautiful service, and we 4 Elders did a musical number for them.
     All in all a great week in Celje!

I hope all is going well back home. I miss you all, but there is really no better work than the work that’s being done here. I feel so blessed every single day to be a small part of it.

     Have a great week everyone!

One thought on “Happy “Day of Uprising Against Occupation” haha!

  1. Jack the work seems to progress and it looks like Spring is finally there from the photos. we hope to see your family in Phoenix on Mother’s Day. It should be great. Wish you were here! Grandmother Karen has a new Nueorologist for her memory. I’m trying to get her into an experimental drug study and met a couple who coordinate the study. They are from Serbia. They think Cvetkovic’ is a Serbian name. Heck, they my be right. If it will help get her into the study, I’ll be Serbian for a while. keep up the good work and have some fun too! Love Grandma and Grandpa Cvetko

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