Dobro jutro everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Easter week! My week here has been a pretty good one.

On Tuesday for p-day, Sister Nydegger and I decided to truely introduce Elder Petersen and Sister Higgins to Celje, so we all took a trip up to the Celje Castle. We all spent a some time up there together, and tried hard to get a few good pictures haha. This was my third time at the castle, but I still love it.DSC00845

Wednesday was a day full of contacting and tracting, and it was a pretty long day. In those hours of contacting and tracting, not a single person listened to us. You know what though? It was okay 🙂 Elder Petersen and I were doing our part, and that’s really all we can do in the end. This is the Lord’s work, and as long as we are doing what we can, there’s no need to get discouraged by rejection. One thing that did result from Wednesday though was a lot of thought and discussion on missionary work and how we can be using our time most effectivly. I look at it in a “good, better, best” sort of way. Contacting and tracting all day are good – the question though, is what is the better way, and what is the best way? Those are still questions I’m trying to answer.

Friday was a much, much better day, and we had 3 really good lessons. One of the lessons was with a woman Elder Lyman and I met about a month ago. She’s a middle aged woman, and lives with her husband and teenage daughter in a pretty nice apartment. We talked about to her about the Book of Mormon, and about how the Book of Mormon and Bible work together to support eachother. We committed her to read 3 Nephi 11 before our next meeting so we can talk more about how the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ. Next time she also said her husband would come and sit in on the lesson as well.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting here, and (at least for me) was an amazing sacrament meeting. The Spirit was strong, and there were some beautiful testimonies shared. All four of us (missionaries) shared our testimonies – even Elder Petersen and Sister Higgins on their second week here. They both did a really good job! It was just an all around good day. We finished off our Sunday by watching the Sunday afternoon session of conference, which leaves us with just the Priesthood session to watch. As always, conference was great, and it is such a blessing to be able to hear from living prophets and apostles.

All-in-all we had another great week in Celje. Nothing too exciting or different – just good ‘ol missionary work 🙂 I’m doing great, and feeling happy and healthy. I hope everything is going well back home, and my message for this week is to never forget the basics – praying and reading the scriptures provides me with more strength and spirit than anything else around. Until next week!DSC00893DSC00833DSC00860

(our cheesy "family photo" at the castle, haha)

(our cheesy “family photo” at the castle, haha)

Starešina Davis

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