Happy Late Easter!!

     Good morning everyone!!

     This has been a great week and I’m officially with my new companion, Elder Petersen, here in Celje. He’s from Duncan, Oklahoma, and so far we’re having a blast together 🙂
     After getting Elder Lyman all packed and ready to go, I headed down to Zagreb by train on Tuesday morning with a few other missionaries from Slovenia. There are 5 new missionaries from the MTC that will be serving in Slovenia, so it’s a pretty big group of trainers/trainees. We got down to Zagreb pretty early, so spent a few hours exploring the city. Coming from Celje, Zagreb is huge, and we had a blast just walking around, exploring, and then getting some amazing American style burgers. It was also pretty fun trying to use our Slovene to communicate with the Croatians.
     After the new missionaries got in on Tuesday evening, we spent Tuesday night andWednesday morning in the mission home doing some training. We talked about being trainers/trainees, went over some of the logistical things (visas, money, etc.), heard a talk from President Grant, and then were on our way back to Slovenija!
     We got on a bus headed for Ljubljana, from there hopped on a train to Celje, and after moving a LOT of luggage around, finally pulled into Celje at about 8:30 Wednesday night.
Inline image 1

(The first night in Celje right after getting off the train. Sister Nydegger, Sister Higgins, Elder Petersen, Me)
     Thursday we started off the morning with District Meeting where we set new goals for Celje, and then went out to do some contacting by the river. It was Elder Petersen’s first day in Celje, but he did a great job talking to people, and we were able to find 2 new investigators together. After getting some palačinke with the Sisters, we did some more contacting in Center, and then headed to the church to teach English class. After English we had a lesson with an inactive member who hasn’t come to Church in over a year. It went really well, and overall I thought we had a great first day together. This should be a great transfer 🙂
     Friday we started with off the day with our weekly planning session, and I got Elder Petersen up to speed about the members and investigators. I remember feeling a lot better my first week once I knew a little bit more about the area and the people. We also looked at the map together, and I tried to help him know a little bit more about where on Earth he is right now haha.
     Saturday after some contacting and tracting with Elder Petersen, we all met at the Church at 6pm to watch the Saturday morning session of General Conference live. It was a great session. We were able to watch the Saturday afternoon on Sunday morning, and then watched the Sunday morning session live on Sunday evening. I loved conference, and I appreciate it so much more now than I ever did at home. There were some amazing talks, and for the first time in my life I think I was sad when it ended! It’s just such a blessing to be able to hear from living, modern-day prophets and apostles. If only everyone in the world could see how much of a blessing that is. We still haven’t seen Sunday Afternoon or Priesthood, and are going to do that this week.
Inline image 2

(Conference + dinner on Sunday night)
     So that’s my week! We had a another great week in Celje, and I am really excited what we can do this transfer.
     This week was also Easter week, and my thoughts about the Easter holiday are simple. As I’ve spent the last 6 months sharing the Gospel with the people of Celje, I’ve come to understand that everything that we teach, everything that we do, and everything that we say boils down to one thing: Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if we’re teaching someone about the Book of Mormon or helping them quit smoking – all of it is becuase of Jesus Christ. During our tracting this week we got let into a house, and after just a few minutes, the woman who had let us in started to cry. She told us that her teenage son had died in a car accident only one week before, and that she had no idea what to do. With a lot of help from the Spirit, I was able to explain the Plan of Salvation to this woman, and bear testimony of the supreme gift of resurrection, a gift we will all recieve becuase of Christ. I know now, more than at any other point in my life, that Jesus really is the Christ, the Son of God, and our Older Brother. One of my favorite ideas from conference came from the Primary General President (I can’t remember which session). She said that we just need to take the simple truths we do know and then let them fill us. It’s okay not to have all the answers about the Church and about the mysteries of the universe – we just need take the knowledge that Christ is our Savior, and then let that fill us until there is no room for any doubt or fear.
     I love you all so much, and pray for you every day. Have a great week, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
     Starešina Davis

2 thoughts on “Happy Late Easter!!

  1. Jack, Happy Easter. Your reassignments seem to be interesting and maybe an improvement. Time will tell
    Easter here was typical. Karen and I went to Tucson day before Easter for a Steven’s Family picnic. That’s about 16 of Karen’s sister’s relatives there. I was a blast and we got to see everyone there. On Easter we ate out with our Daughter Lisa and her family in Phoenix. We all probably ate too much.
    Incidentally, how do you pronounce Celje ? And how large is the town/city?
    Have you had an opportunity to talk again with Zlata, our family in Slovenia? Someone to be aware of is Jozica Potokar at Kvedova UL.1 , 1000 Ljubijana. She is a single older lady in an apartment and she is also the one who does and assembles all of the genealogy for the family. We write to each other occasionally.
    Your picture of food in your last email looked pretty sparse. I hope there was a meat entrée” somewhere.
    Keep up the good work. We love and miss you.
    Gran and Gramp Cvetko.

  2. Dear Jack,
    Love your letters! What a great priviledge to teach the Gospel in your mother’ s family’s native land. Conference was wonderful. We love to hear from you. We love you and pray for you always. We have had a wonderful week. Marc and family were here for conference, so we had lots of family dinners and lots of people here to visit. On the Monday after conference we had a double shower—a baby shower fer Rachel, and a bridal shower for Claire. Rachel is due in June, and Claire is getting married on the 25th of this month. Then on Tuesday, we went to the temple with Claire as she was taking out her endowments. A GREAT DAY! Then afterwards we all went to dinner at Rodizio Grill. Great food. Marc left on Wednesday. We are going to Calif next Thursday—first to the baptism for Grace and Beckham on the 18 th and then the next Saturday for Claire and Craig’s sealing in the temple. Many blessings!!! Craig seems to be a fine young man and he LOVES Claire. So sweet. Well Jack, we pray for you always and are so thankful for you.
    Love, Grma and Grpa Davis

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