My mission is a third of the way done. That’s terrifying.

Good morning everyone! Today (March 23rd) officially marks the 8 month and 1/3 mark of my mission. That is such a scary thought… so let’s not think about it 🙂

On Monday after p day, we had another amazing institute class, and this week we talked about Isaiah chapters 26, 27, 28, and 29. These are amazing chapters of Isaiah, and I highly recommend you study them! In particular, make sure to look at 27:12-13, 28:7-13, and then 29 in its entirety 🙂 Isaiah is truely amazing, and I feel the Spirit very strong when I study his words about our day.

On Tuesday we had our first day of English class! We took a little break from class to do some advertising and planning, and it really paid off. We had 17 people at class (which is big for us), and all but two stayed for our spiritual thought after class. We haven’t had this many people come to English )at least since I’ve been here), and I’m really excited about it.DSC00716

Wednesday morning we spent a fews hours moving! We got the Slovenija car from the Elders in Ljubljana and moved as much as we could from our old apartment to the Lambert’s apartment in center. I forgot how much of a pain moving is, and I think the worst part is just all of the little things. You don’t think you have that much, but after an hour of packing you realize those “little things” take up 6 suitcases 🙂 So that was a blast! We didn’t get everything done, and we still had to keep sleeping in the old apartment, but at least we did a lot of it.

Wednesday evening we had a lesson with the girl I met a few weeks ago on the street. She’s been really busy and it’s been hard to get together, but it finally worked, and we had a great lesson. At the end of the lesson we asked her “When you find out that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this is Christ’s true Church, will you be baptized?”. Her response was a happy and simple “I will!”. We’re meeting again tonight, and we’re going to work to set a date with her.

Thursday we did some more moving and organizing in the morning, and then went down to Center to teach English class. Thursday night we had a lesson with another one of our investigators, and the lesson was a lot of fun. We stayed for an hour and a half, and taught the Restoration, Plan of Salvation, and Gospel of Jesus Christ all in one sitting. He really liked it all, and just kept asking for more. The only concern he had was that some of what we said conflicted with his firm belief in a Hindu-type reincarnation system. So that should be fun 🙂

Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference in Ljubljana (our version of Stake Conference). We took the train down to Ljubljana in the afternoon, and then went to the Saturday evening session of conference. Becuase it didn’t get done until 8:30, we ended up staying the night with the Elders there, and then jus got up and went to the Sunday portions of conference. One of the highlights was the fact that we had a visiting 70 come from England (Elder Dryden) and he gave a great talk about the Book of Mormon and another about missionary work. They also announced what they’re going to do in Celje. They’ve called one the of District Presidency Counselors to be the acting Branch President for a month or two, and he’ll be attending church in Celje for now.

On Sunday after conference all of the Slovene missionaries stayed for a bit, and we celebrated Sister Brown’s birthday together. It’s not often that we get to have a zone birthday party haha!

IMG_4230  Well, that’s pretty much my whole week. I love you all so much, and hope everyone back home is happy and healthy. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Starešina Davis

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