A Week of (Good) Craziness!!

Hello Everyone!

This has been a good week, but it was one of those weeks that just leaves you dead… physically and emotionally. We had so much to do this week, and I’m really looking forward to a p-day where I can just lay on my bed, write in my journal, and do nothing!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it, but we had Mission Leadership Council in Zagreb on Monday and Tuesday. It’s a council that’s made up of the missionary leaders of the 5 zones (Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, and 2 Croatia Zones) as well as President Grant. In MLC we discuss what’s going on in the mission, how it’s going with our goals, who is close to baptism, how we can help the branches, etc. It was a great meeting and I loved being a part of it.

We left Celje on Monday after writing our emails home, and then the 4 of us drove down to Zagreb. It’s about 2.5 hours, and is a BEAUTIFUL drive through the Slovene and Croatian countrysides. Becuase it was our p-day, we also decided to take a slight detour… Since we didn’t have to be in Zagreb until 5, we stopped in a town called Ptuj (in Slovenia). It’s a really nice little town not too far from Maribor, and is very “European” in look and feel. We took some pictures, had lunch, and enjoyed ourselves before continuing on to Zagreb.

Anyway, we finally got to Zagreb, and then spent Monday and Tuesday in meetings. We all stayed the night in the mission home Monday night, and then were back home by Tueday evening. I was the one driving, and as luck would have it, we got stuck in a big snowstorm after crossing the border back into Slovenia. But, we made it back okay. It’s snowed a lot this week, and schools were even closed on Friday. But, with a combination of scarfs, gloves, jackets and hand warmers, I’m staying toasty warm.

Wednesday was zone conference! (Not much of a break between meetings haha). We held it in Kranj this time, so everyone could have a chance to see the new church there. I know we all left very happy and uplifted. Zone conference are really great events for the missionaries.

The rest of the week was less exciting, and we did a LOT of tracting. We both felt like we’d been sitting in meetings all week, and that we just needed to get out there and knock some doors. We found quite a few good people, and we’re really excited to follow up with them this week. One of the funnier experiences was with a middle aged woman that let us into her apartment. I had gotten to the point of the lesson where I was saying Joseph’s first vision. Right in the middle of it, the woman stops me and says, “Wait, wait. Before you continue: do you believe in guardian angels?”. I had to laugh a little, and we ended up just talking about her questions for a while. One thing I’ve learned here: lessons never go as planned, and you have to just be ready for anything.

All in all, another amazing week in Celje, and I feel so blessed every morning to be able to wake up and serve the people here. Even though many of them don’t listen, we’re doing our best, which is all we can do. I hope you are all happy and healthy, and I’ll hear from you soon!


We had some time at the Kranj train station before heading back to Celjie, so naturally I made a snowman

We had some time at the Kranj train station before heading back to Celjie, so naturally I made a snowman

DSC00486 DSC00493 DSC00436

Look at that town!! I don't think I'll ever how picturesque Slovenia is...

Look at that town!! I don’t think I’ll ever get over how picturesque Slovenia is…

Elder Davis

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