Craziness, Zone Conference, and More Craziness!

Hi Everyone!

Well if the title didn’t give it away, this has been a crazy few days. I guess I’ll jump right into it.

We had zone conference in Ljubljana on Friday which was (as always) an amazing experience. We practiced teaching and contacting, got to watch “Meet the Mormons” (a new church movie you should all go see!) and had some great talks from President Grant. Overall it was a much needed spiritual boost, and I’ve really learned to love the chances we have to come together as a zone. As great as it was though, this is also where the craziness started.

About a month ago transfers and missionaries coming and going got a little bit messed up, and Slovenia was left with an odd number of Elders (7 Elders, as opposed to the 8 we had). Becuase we work in pairs, it’s so important to have an even number of people. Becuase of all this though, the Elder in Ljubljana joined the 2 Elders in Kranj and those three worked as a trio. Having a trio like that is really hard to work in, so President Grant has been trying to figure out a way to even out the numbers. Anyway, nothing was really working to even out the numbers, and we all kind of just expected the trio to continue for a little bit longer.

At the end of zone conference, President and Sister Grant got up and sang happy birthday to Elder Dearinger (it was his birthday on Friday) and at the end of the song, President said “Well, I’ve got a bit of an announcement! After conference is over today, we will be taking Elder Dearinger with us and he will be moving to Croatia!” He did this to leave Slovenia with an even number of Elders, but we were all SHOCKED, since this rarely happens. I don’t think a Slovene missionary has been transfered out of the country in a while. It was such a strange feeling to have my companion transfered like that with no warning!

So, on Friday night we went back to Celje, Elder Dearinger packed his stuff, and was off to Croatia within a few hours of the announcement. But now that my companion is somewhere off in Croatia, where does that leave me?!

As it stands now, I am companions with Elder Lyman again, and we are now living in both Celje and Ljubljana. We’ll be splitting the weeks in half, and trying to do missionary work in both places. It’s a bit insane! There are now 2 Elders (Elder Lyman and I) responsible for probably two thirds of Slovenia. We also now have to work in two different branches at the same time. So needless to say, it should be quite an adventure! (:

One of the upsides of this is that we now have a car, since we have to make the hour trip between Ljubljana and Celje fairly often. This means I finally had my first experience driving in Slovenia last week, and it was GREAT! It’s strange how much you can miss something so mundane like driving a car… But I definitely missed it.

Another upside is that I can now spend some time getting to know Ljubljana and it’s members. The people there are amazing, and the Branch President (President Ringer) is such a hard worker. He’s actually an American, and his family is so nice. He works at the US embassy in Ljubljana, and they called him to be Branch President while he’s here. We had a meeting with him on Sunday to talk about some of the things going on in Ljubljana, and I’m excited to start working with him.

Anyway, that’s my crazy missionary life right now! I love and miss you all, and hope everyone is healthy and happy. We have more transfers this coming week, and with all the craziness that’s going on right now, I have no idea where I’ll be emailing from next week!! But regardless of where I end up this week, it’ll be right where the Lord needs me (:

Love you!

Starešina Davis

The Celje District and all of our inside jokes…RIP best district ever!

The Celje District and all of our inside jokes…RIP best district ever!

The Slovenes

The Slovenes

One thought on “Craziness, Zone Conference, and More Craziness!

  1. Hey Staresina, it does sound a little crazy, but that’s exciting. Better than boring! We are all okay as far as I know. Your mom, juli was just up in Phoenix for a quick visit. It was great. We miss you, but know that is where you have to be now.
    I’m still dumbfounded that you were sent to Slovenia! Go figure!
    Keep up the good work. Talk to you soon.
    Grandma /Grandma Cvetko

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