Week 18: Transfer Craziness and More!!

Dobro jutro everyone! You’re all fast asleep as I write this, and I hope everything is going great back home.

     I’ve had a good week, and the biggest news of the week is that we finally found out about transfers! I may have already explained, but every 9 weeks, missionaries are transfered – essentially switched around. Without beating around the bush too much, this is what is going to happen. Elder Lyman (my companion) has been asked to go be a Zone Leader in Ljubljana, and I’ve been asked to stay and hold down the fort here in Celje. Elder Dearinger from Maribor will be coming to join me. I’m so happy that I’m staying in Celje, at least for another 9 weeks. I feel like I’m just now getting to know the members, the city, the investigators, etc. so it would be a shame to leave. I’m excited to be able to serve with Elder Dearinget, and we should do great together!
     But a little more about my week.
     Last Monday, we had a great conversation with a 20 something year old guy we met a few weeks ago. He’s great, and speaks amazing English (probably better than many Americans…) He describes himself as a non-religious person, and says he believes in a “higher purpose, but not a higher power”. We spent a while talking about who God is, about the Plan of Salvation, and a lot about prayer. We talked in English with him, so I was really able to express myself as I wanted to. It was a nice treat 🙂 I hope that as we continue to meet, we can help him understand who Gos is, and why it’s important to have a personal relationship with God and with Jesus Christ. Anyway, he’s very intellectual, VERY smart, and is really into science, philosophy and politics. I like him a lot, and feel like I understand him in a more personal way than I do other investigators. Maybe it’s becuase I can see where’s he’s coming from. Maybe it’s just because he was speaking English haha.
     On Wednesday, we had a really good meeting with the Zone Leaders from Croatia. They are going from city to city to talk to the missionaries about keeping track of members, and working to get more of our members out to church. This is going to be a big focus over the next few months, and the mission is going to really work on “finding the lost sheep”. In Celje, we have about 60 members on record, and about 15-20 come to church each week. That’s actually not too bad, but we are going to work over the next 9 weeks to, at the very least, make contact with all of the less active and inactive members.
     The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. We spent some time contacting on the street, we prepared for Elder Lyman to leave Celje, and visited with a few of the members. Yes, I’m still playing the piano in church, and yes, I’m still praying that a better piano player gets transfered to Celje 🙂
     All in all this has been a great week.
     On Thursday we will get to go to the senior couples’ apartment for Thanksgiving, which should be a lot of fun. It’ll be nice to have some time to just stop, take a bit of a breather, and reflect on the mission so far. I really love Thanksgiving, and the fact the we have a chance to stop and look at everything God has blessed us with. I know that if we really look, we’ll see how much we truely have.
     Speaking of Thanksgiving, Christmas is starting in Celje! You may see in the pictures, but they haul giant pine trees down into the city, and put lights on them. The whole center of the city is getting strung with christmas lights, and I’ve heard it looks amazing when finished! I’m so excited!
     Well, that’s all I can really think of for now, and I hope I covered everything!! I love you all so much and pray for you every day!
DSC00605 DSC00615 DSC00626 DSC00607

The BIG Christmas Tree!

The BIG Christmas Tree!

DSC00642 DSC00636 DSC00632

Starešina Davis

One thought on “Week 18: Transfer Craziness and More!!

  1. Elder Davis,
    My name is Ben Petersen. I will report to the MTC on January 28, and I am coming to Slovenia. I am grateful for your blog. It has been insightful, and it has also gotten me even more hyped to be out there. I am sure I will have the pleasure of meeting you in the next couple of months. Side note, do you have any suggestions for shoes and cold weather gear? I am from Oklahoma and it doesnt get too chilly here 🙂


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