Week 17: Zdravo Everyone!!

Zdravo everyone!!

     This has been a pretty good week, though it’s also been somewhat difficult. Last week, we had some of the best success Celje has seen in quite some time. This week on the other hand… has not been the same haha. But, that’s just how missionary work goes, and I know that we just have to keep moving forward. Always look ahead, never behind! This is the Lord’s work, and one rough week is not going to stop the work from moving ahead.
     I went to Ljubljana again on Tuesday, so I could pick my visa, which is the Slovene version of a “Green Card”. It took some time, but I finally have it, and I’m now a legal resident of Slovenija! Trips to Ljubljana are always fun, and we got to talk to quite a few different people on the train.
     On Wednesday we had a pretty neat experience. We were having a tough day – we had been contacting and tracting for almost 4 hours, and not a single person had listened to us. Finally, we decided to go and visit an older man we met a week ago. We rang his buzzer, but he wasn’t home. The day and night had just NOT been going well for us, so I said a little prayer as we were walking away that we’d have a miracle happen that night. As we were walking away from his apartment building, a car pulled up right next to us in the parking lot. Who was it? It was the man we were trying to visit! He just happened to pull in right as we were walking away. We ended up going inside and talking for about 45 min about the Plan of Salvation. He’s a great guy, and becuase of this little miracle we’re now going to start meeting regularly. So that’s my miracle of the week!
     Friday and Saturday were, again, very difficult (but fun!) days. On Friday we had a little adventure, and tracted in the small towns of “Ložnica pri Celju”, “Babno”, and “Medlog”. They are just tiny rural towns outside of Celje, but they’re full of almost nothing but single family homes (which means they’re hopfully full of families!). It was cool to see these new places, but not a single person would talk to us. Also, the very last house we knocked that night was a Jehovah’s Witness family… so that was a bit awkward! But you know me, I just had a good time exploring and seeing new parts of our area (:
     Saturday we decided we were DONE with tracting, so we went into the city center and tried to do some contacting. Again, nobody would listen… But, Elder Lyman and I put in the effort and did the work, which is really all we can do in the end. The redeeming part of Saturday was a little party we had at the Church. A few of the 20 year olds from the Branch invited the us and the Sisters over and made us Palačinke, the Slovene version of Crepes. We also invited our investigator Sandi, and we all had a really fun time making Palačinke together. We may be few in numbers, but the members here are AWESOME!
     All in all a great week. It’s true that this work is hard, but it’s without a doubt, the most rewarding and joyfull work a person can ever do. I love you all and hope all is well back home!
DSC00574 DSC00572 DSC00573 DSC00593 DSC00598
Starešina Davis

One thought on “Week 17: Zdravo Everyone!!

  1. Jack, the castle’s are awesome. there is a little castle in Sela, our ancestral town, I kept kidding our relatives that is really castle Cvetko, but the name was changed long ago. I had them going for a while.
    Having a few visits in Slovenia, I can understand the work is difficult. Most people are either Catholic ordon’t go to church. But I know you are effective and the seeds you plant will grow! Keep up the effort. We think of you often and pray for your safety and success. Love, Granma and Grandpa Cvetko

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