Week 12

Hello from Slovenija!


It’s about 5:00 pm here and Elder Lyman and I are just sitting in the Celje Library. It’s still a little bit weird to wake up every morning and realize I live here. Looking out the window here at the Library, there’s an old palace on the right, a castle up on the hill to the left, and an entire ancient Roman City under me. What a place to call my home! Celje is great, and is exactly what you think of when you think ˝cute old European city˝. I love it here!!


This week has been great for me! The highlight was zone conference! I’ll explain what that is. A mission is organized into ˝zones˝. In our mission, each country is its own zone, so I am in the Slovenija Zone of the Adriatic North Mission. Once every one or two months, every missionary from the zone gets together with and has a conference with the mission president. Its a great thing!! For the first time, zone conference was held in Celje, which was very exciting for us. Zone conference has always been in Ljubljana, but they’re starting to rotate it around. It was awesome to have all of the Slovene missionaries (16 missionaries in Slovenija total) + President Grant in our little church! The topic of zone conference was ˝faith and desire˝, and was connected to a new challenge being issued by President Grant and the Europe Area Presidency. At zone conference, Pres. Grant said that he wants each companionship in the mission to find 30 new investigators each week. I’ll admit, at first I was SHOCKED. Elder Lyman and I have gotten 2 new investigators in the past 2 weeks. Now, we have been asked to find 30! I’m not sure what it’s like in other missions, but the thought of having 30 new investigators each week is a crazy idea here. It was for that reason that the conference was focused on faith. Do we have the faith to trust our mission president, the Europe Area President, and the Lord? If so, we should be able to do this.


As we were leaving conference, Elder Lyman and I were talking about this new challenge, and about how we are going to make it happen. As we were talking about this, a man turned the corner, and we stopped him and started talking to him. His name was Mihel, and by the end of our conversation, we had taught him a lesson, and committed him to a second. This made him a new investigator. We did the exact same thing with a seond person. That night as we were walking home, every single person we stopped on the street listened to our message, and accepted a brochure or something similar. By the time we got home we had found 2 new investigators and taught 4 lessons – numbers from 2 hours, that are common numbers for a week in our mission. I think that this was a signal from the Lord that our new goal of 30 investigators is possible, and that it is something He will help us with. I am so excited to get out there this week and find our new investigators and know the Lord will help us if we pray in faith and trust in Him. This is His work, and if He wants something to happen, it will happen.


All in all this was a great week and I am excited and ready for this coming one. I miss you all and think about you (and pray for you) each and every day. I love you so much!!


Nas videnje!


Starešina Davis

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