Week 4 – We’re Halfway There!

Well it’s official – I’m halfway through my stay at the MTC. It crazy to think about that. I’ve been here 5 weeks now, but it feels so strange. Half of me feels like I just got here – but another half of me feels like I’ve been here forever… It’s so strange to think about that fact that this isn’t really my mission, and tht this is just the preparation to get me there. Right now the thought of leaving this place seems impossible, but I know it’ll be here before I know it.

This week has been great (though not very different from any other week here). We are continuing to teach Aleš and Boštjan, and we continuing to learn Slovene. In class, we’ve started getting into the more grammatical details of Slovene. For the past few days we’ve been talking about sentence structure. It’s confusing, because in Slovene you can organize words in so many different ways to make the same sentence, whereas English has a fairly rigid sentence structure. All in all though, the Slovene is getting better each day, and I’m feeling more confident.


Our missionaries lessons are also getting much better. In fact, the lesson we had with Boštjan yesterday was the best lesson Elder Wise and I have taught so far at the MTC. It was the first lesson where I actually felt guided by the Spirit, instead of just feeling like I was grasping for phrases and words to use. It was also one of our first lessons where we taught a lesson based on what he said, rather than what our “lesson plan” was. We had gone in intending to talk about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but ended up spending the entire lesson talking about agency, sin, repentance, and the atonement. I felt the Spirit so strong while we were teaching.


One of our teachers spent a bit of time talking about his mission with us, since he only got back from Slovenia a few months ago. (Funny side story, we found out that he’s actually marrying a girl from his mission! We had fun with that for a while…) But anyway. He said that when he got to Slovenia is was really tough. He was first sent to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia. The branch there had only 5 active members and the members were struggling. From what he said, it was very, very, hard, and he and his companion were essentially running the Church in Maribor. By the time they left though, they had grown the branch to 20 people, and all of the issues there had been resolved. I wish all of you could have heard the whole story with all of its details. It was just a very inspiring story for us. With hard work and the Spirit, anything can be resolved. With the help of the Lord, anything can happen.


I love you all and hope all is well for you!


– Starešina Davis

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