Week 3

Živjo Friends and Family!


Yesterday marks 3 weeks at the MTC, which means I’m a third of the way through my stay here! It’s crazy to think about that, since I feel like I just got here. In the MTC, the days feel like weeks, and the weeks feel like days.


The week has been great (as if it’s possible to have a bad week at the MTC). The language is coming along – no embarrassing mistakes – and our lessons are getting better. We currently have 2 investigators, Aleš and Boštjan. Even though they are just our teachers acting like investigators, it’s so real during the lessons. Aleš is an amazing investigator. He is so curious, and seems hungry for truth. Yesterday we set a baptismal date with him! Even though he’s not an actual investigator, I was so so happy when he agreed to be baptized.


Our other investigator, Boštjan, is a different story. He doesn’t believe in God, and seems like the kind of person who likes to talk about religion from a philosophical standpoint, but doesn’t actually care about practical and personal applications. It’s a bit strange – he loves to read the Book of Mormon and talk about it with us, but he wont do simple things like pray. He says he doesn’t want to pray to someone that doesn’t exist, and told us that God is like Santa Claus – a comforting and exciting figure for children, but nothing more. The language barrier also makes it difficult. If we were doing this in English, there are so many thing I could say to him to help him understand God and why having a God and Savior is so important. But, we’re so limited by the language. I suppose this is why we have the Holy Ghost though.When we cannot say the right words (or any words for that matter), we can always count on the Spirit to help make up the difference. If nothing else, I’ve learned in these lessons that missionaries are not there to convince or reason with people. We can barely speak! But we are there to help others feel the Spirit, and then let them find out the truth for themselves. We are simply a conduit for the Holy Ghost – he’s the real converter.


All in all this has been a great week though. On Wednesday we got to “host” new missionaries. We essentially introduced them to the MTC and got them situated on their first day. It was really really fun, but also a bit strange. In three weeks I’ve gone from the nervous new missionary to the (kind of) experienced host. It was a weird feeling to have those missionaries – many of whom are older than me – look to me for help and guidance. In any case, it made me appreciate how far I’ve come.


I love the MTC, and love this Church. Since I’ve been here I’ve only grown to love it more. I hope all is going well back in the “real world”, and I hope you all know I love you and miss you!


– Starešina Davis


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